Seminars 2012

Martín  Uribe
Fall 2012
Columbia University
"Prudential Policy For Peggers"
Bertrand  Marianne
Fall 2012
"Trickle-Down Consumption"
Lukasz  Droz
Fall 2012
Wharton School

"Informal Bankruptcy Matters"

Ed Vitalcyl 
Fall 2012
"Liar’s Loan? Effects of Origination Channel and Information Falsification on Mortgage Delinquency"
Rajab Deb 
Fall 2012
Southern Methodist University
"Coordination Failure in a Dynamic Game with Imperfect Information: an application to Healthcare"
Atila Ambrus
Fall 2012
Duke University
"Asynchronous Choice in Battle of the Sexes Games: Unique Equilibrium Selection for Intermediate Levels of Patience"
Johannes Hörner 
Fall 2012
"Recursive Methods in Dynamic Bayesian Games"
Loris Rubini
Fall 2012
"Deconstructing Firm Size Distributions The Importance of International Trade"
Stephen H. Haber 
Fall 2012
"Rainfall and Democracy: Climate, Technology, and the Evolution of Economic and Political Institutions"
Héctor Chade 
Fall 2012
"Matching Information"
Costas Arkolakis 
Fall 2012
"Innovation and Production in the Global Economy"
Georgy Egorov 
Fall 2012
"Markov Voting Equilibria: Theory and Applications"
Jeff Grogger
Fall 2012
"Seguro Popular and Health Spending: Evidence from the National Survey of Household Income and Expenditures"
Isa Hafalir
Fall 2012
Carnegie Mellon
"School Choice with Controlled Choice Constraints: Hard Bounds versus Soft Bounds"
Yongsung Chang  Rochester
Fall 2012
"Life Cycle Uncertainty and Portfolio Choice Puzzles"
David Hummels 
Fall 2012
"Estimating the Gains from Liberalizing Services Trade: The Case of Passenger Aviation"
Susan Parker 
Fall 2012
"Aligning Learning Incentives of Students and Teachers: Results from a Social Experiment in Mexican High Schools"
Niccolo Antonio
Srping 2012
"Age-Based Preferences: Incorporating Compatible Pairs into Paired Kidney Exchange"
Albrecht  James
Spring 2012
"Equilibrium Search Model of Synchronized Sales"
Vroman  Suzan
Spring 2012
"Directed Search in the Housing Market"
Echenique  Federico
Spring 2012
Schwartzman Felipe
Spring 2012
"Time to Produce and Emerging Market Crises"
Papageorge Nick 
Spring 2012
"The Value of Pharmaceutical Innovation: AIDS, Antivirals and the Joy of (Risky) Sex"
Schott Peter
Spring 2012
"Trade Liberalization and Embedded Institutional Reform: Evidence from Chinese Exporters"