Seminars 2014

Sarah Pearlman 
Fall 2014
Vassar College
"Violence and Migration: Evidence from Mexico’s Drug War"
Eugenio Miravete
Fall 2014
University of Texas at Austin
Pietro Ortoleva
Fall 2014
Columbia University
"Cautious Expected Utility and the Certainty Effect"
Santanu Roy 
Fall 2014
Southern Methodist University
"Are global trade negotiations behind a
fragmented world of ìgated globalization"
José Luis Montiel
Fall 2014
New York University
Saumitra Jha 
Fall 2014
Stanford University
"Financial Innovations and Political Development: Evidence from Revolutionary England"
Luigi Pistaferri
Fall 2014
Stanford University
"Consumption Inequality and family labor supply" 
Jeremy Fox 
Fall 2014
University of Michigan
"Unobserved Heterogeneity in Matching Games
with an Application to Venture Capital Investments"
Jim Albrecht y Susan Vroman
Fall 2014
Georgetown University
Roberto Chang
Fall 2014
Rutgers University
"Financial Intermediation, Exchange Rates, and
Unconventional Policy in an Open Economy"
Carlos Lever 
Fall 2014
Banco de México
Jon Robinson
Fall 2014
University of California at Santa Cruz
"Rates of Return, Optimization Failures, and Loss Aversion:
Evidence from Kenyan Retail Shops"
 Hitoshi Shigeoka
Fall 2014
Simon Fraser University
"School Entry Cutoff Date and the Timing of Births"
Jonathan Eaton 
Fall 2014
Brown University
"Firm-to-Firm Trade:
Imports, Exports, and the Labor Market"
Eric Verhoogen
Spring 2014
Columbia University
"Enlisting employes in improvin payroll -tax compliance:
Evidence from Mexico"
 Benjamín Moll 
Spring 2014
Princeton University
"Optimal Development Policies with Financial Frictions"
James Snyder 
Spring 2014
Harvard University
"Primary Elections and the Quality of Elected officials"
 Frank Caliendo
Spring 2014
Utah State U
"The Cost of Uncertainty about the Timing of Social Security Reform"
Stefan Krasa 
Spring 2014
University of Illinois
"Political Competition in Legislative Elections"
Kevin Donovan
Spring 2014
University of Notre Dame
"Agricultural Risk, Intermediate Inputs, and Cross-Country
Productivity Differences"
Jody Sindelar 
Spring 2014
Bernardo Silveira 
Spring 2014
Washington U. in St. Louis
"Bargaining with asymmetric information: an empirical study of plea negotiations"