Spring Seminars 2016

Seminars Series - Spring 2016

The seminars will be held in the Seminary Hall at Santa Teresa Campus at 12:00hrs.


January 15

Fernando Martin

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis 

January 22

Matías Cattaneo  

University of Michigan “Treatment Effects with Many Covariates and Heteroskedasticity”

January 29

Federico Echenique

CaltechWorkshop on Matching/Choice Theory in Memory of Dila Meryem Hafalır

February 19

Charlie SprengerU of California at San Diego

Using Preference Estimates to Customize Incentives: An Application to Polio Vaccination Drives in Pakistan.

 March 04

Ryan Oprea

U of Californa at Santa Barbara

Do Wealth Dynamics Eliminate Bad Beliefs?  A Test of the Market Selection Hypothesis


March 11

Janet CurriePrinceton UniversiitySEMINAR CANCELLED

March 15 (moved to tuesday)

Yuichi Kitamura

Yale UniversityMethods for Microeconometric Analiss of Heterogeneous Agents

April 01

Marco González Navarro

University of Toronto

Subways and urban growth: Evidence from Earth

April 08

Ed Green

Penn State University

A Parsimonious Theory of Evidence-Based Choice


April 15


David WeinsteinColumbia University

A Unified Approach to Estimating Demand and Welfare


April 22

Andrew Ellis


Isaiah Andrews

London School of Economics


Harvard Society of Fellows

Complexity, correlation and choice


Unbiased Instrumental Variables Estimation Under Known First-Stage Sign


April 29

Melissa Dell

Harvard University 
 May 06Kim RuhlNYU Stern 
 May 13Neale MahoneyChicago Booth 

May 20

Navin Kartik Columbia UniversityMuddled Information



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