About CIE

The Center for Economic Research (Centro de Investigación Económica CIE) was established in the spring of 1993 with the intention of developing a center dedicated to scientific research in the field of economics. Its fundamental objectives are to become a leading international research center and to act as a link between ITAM and the international scientific community. As a young institution, CIE has based its strategy around three basic points:

  • Integrate a group of internationally renowned and highly productive scholars.
  • Identify and provide guidance to undergraduate and graduate students who have strong academic interests
  • Establish an active communication with the main research groups in the United States and Europe, through seminars, academic events, exchange programs for faculty members and students, and the distribution of the scientific production of the Center.

Economic research is a priority at CIE. The Center tries to provide its scholars the necessary support to foster a rich intellectual environment. During the past seventeen years, the faculty members of CIE have published 151 research papers in top international journals.

The Economics Seminar, which meets on a weekly basis, has been the main source of interaction between CIE members and other international scholars. The Seminar also attracts faculty members from the Departments of Economics, Business, Mathematics and Statistics at ITAM, and advanced students from the undergraduate and masters programs. During its first sixteen years, the Seminar has received hundreds of visitors from universities and research centers in the United States and Europe, who presented their recent scientific contributions and interacted with faculty members and students.

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