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Ph.D. in Economics (Arizona State University, 2010); M.A. in Economics (Arizona State University, 2006); B.A. in Economics (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2002).

Fields: Macroeconomcs, labor economics, applied econometrics.

Chairman, Department of Economics

Ph.D. in Economics (University of Rochester, 2006); M. A. in Economics (University of Rochester, 2003); B. A. in Economics (ITAM, 2001).

Fields: Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization, Political Economy, Information Economics.

Ph.D. in Economics (University of Minnesota, 2014)
B.A. in Economics Analysis (State University of New York at Binghamton 2008)
B.A. Mathematics State University of New York at Binghamton 2008.

Fields: Experimental economics, microeconomics, behavioral game theory.

Ph.D. in Economics (University of Southern California, 2008)
M.A. in Economics (University of Southern California, 2005)
M.A. in Economics, (University of Delhi, 2002) B.A. in Economics (University of Delhi, 2000).

Fields: Macroeconomics, International Economics.

Co-director of the Ph.D. in Economics,
Co-director of the Masters Program in Economic Theory

Ph.D. in Economics (NYU, 2000)
M.A. Economics (NYU, 1998)NATO Advanced Study Institute in Axiomatic Approach to Game Theory (SUNY, Stony Brook, 1997)
B.A. in Economics and Mathematics (Long Island University, 1995).

Fields: Microeconomic Theory, Public Economics, Political Economy.

Ph.D. in Economics (Brown University, 2010)
M.A. in Economics (Brown University, 2005)
B.A. in Economics (CIDE, 2004).

Fields: Economic Development, Environmental Economics, Applied Microeconomics.


Ph.D. in Economics (University of Rochester, 1989)
Masters in Economics (University of Rochester, 1987)
B.A. in Economics (ITAM, 1984); B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics (ITAM, 1983).

Fields: Economic Theory, General Equilibrium, Financial Economics, International Economics.

Ph.D. in Economics (London School of Economics , 1995)
M.Sc. in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics (London School of Economics 1991)
M.Sc. in Economics (Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros, 1990)
B.Sc. in Economics (U. A. de Madrid, 1988).

Fields: Econometrics, Econometric Theory, Time Series Analysis, Applied Economics.

Ph.D. in Economics (Université Libre de Bruxelles, 2000)
M. Sc. in Econometrics (Université Libre de Bruxelles, 1994)
B. A. in Economics (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 1992).

Fields: Contract theory, Auction Theory, Study of Dynamic Games of Incomplete Information with Strategic Complementarities.

Ph.D. in Economics (University of Minnesota, 2011)
Masters in Economics (University of Minnesota, 2010)
Masters in Mathematical Economics (IMPA, 2006)
B.A. inEconomics (Universidad Católica Río de Janeiro, 2003).

Fields of interest: Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Public Economics, Education.

Ph.D. in Economics (University of Minnesota, 2003)
B. A. in Economics (ITAM, 1998).

Fields: Macroeconomics, open economy macroeconomics.

Ph.D. in Economics (Stanford University, 2007)
B.A. in Economics (ITAM, 2001).

Fields : Industrial Organization, Microeconomic theory. Economics, (University of Southern California, Los Angeles, 1996).

Fields: Game Theory, Contract Theory, Industrial Organization, Development Economics.

Ph.D. in Economics (Columbia University, 2010)
M.A. in Economics, (Columbia University, 2005)
B.A. in Economics (University of Kyoto, 2001).

Fields: International trade, development economics.

Ph.D. in Economics (Rutgers University, 2008)
M. A. in Economics (Rutgers University, 2004)
M. A. in Economics (Bogazici University, 2001)
B. A. in Economics (Bogazici University, 1998)

Fields: Microeconomics, Industrial Organization.

Director, CIE

Ph.D. in Economics (University of Minnesota, 1998)
B.A. in Economics (U. Católica de Perú, 1992).

Fields: Macroeconomics, International Economics, Growth and Development.

Affiliated Faculty:

Ph.D. in Economics (Harvard University, 2012)
B.A. in Economics (Instituto Tecnológico
Autónomo de México, 2005).

Fields: Development Economics, Public Policy, Migration.


Ph.D. in Management and Decision Sciences (Northwestern University, 1992) B.A. in Economics (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, 1985).

Fields of Interest: Game Theroy, I.O., Mathematical Economics.

D.Phil. in Economics, (University of Oxford)
M. Phil. in Economics, (University of Oxford)
M.A. in Economics and M.A. in Statistics studies, (El Colegio de México)
Chemical Engineer (UNAM Mexico).

D.Phil. in Economics, (Harvard University)
B.A.S., With Distinction in Economics and Mathematics, (Stanford University)

Fields: Economic Theory, Game Theory, Market Design


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