Seminarios 2013

Sourav Bhattacharya Otoño 2013Univ. Of Pittsburgh 
Xavier Gine Otoño 2013Banco Mundial"Money or Ideas? A Field Experiment on
Constraints to Entrepreneurship in Rural Pakistan"
Marina Tavares Otoño 2013ITAM 
Vikram Manjunath Otoño 2013Boston College"Fractional Matching Markets"
Enrique Seira BejaranoOtoño 2013ITAM 
Michael Waugh Otoño 2013NYU Stern  
Jon EguiaOtoño 2013NYU"Discrimination and Assimilation"
Noel MaurerOtoño 2013Harvard Business School"Can “Good” Institutions be Exported?
The Failure of U.S. Fiscal Receiverships in Latin America"
Joseph Kabosky Otoño 2013University of Notredame"Can Self-Help Groups Really Be \Self-Help"?
Justine S. Hastings Otoño 2013Brown University and NBER"Nber Working Papers Series Are"
Mark Wright Otoño 2013UCLA"Human Capital Risk, Contract Enforcement, and the
Rich McLean Otoño 2013Rutgers"On the Existence of Nash Equilibrium in
Bayesian Games with Discontinuous Payo¤s
Marc Dean Otoño 2013Brown"Looking Beyond the Incumbent: Exposing Corruption
and the Ellect on Electoral Outcomes"
Peter Klenow Otoño 2013Stanford"Entry Costs Rise with Development"
David AtkinOtoño 2013Yale"Who’s Getting Globalized? The Size and Nature of
Intranational Trade Costs"
Jonathan HeathcotePrimavera 2013U. Of Minessota"Wealth and Volatility"
Dirk KruegerPrimavera 2013UPENN"Optimal Progressive Taxation and Education Subsidies in a Model of Endogenous Human Capital Formation"
Sagiri KitaoPrimavera 2013Hunter College"A life-cycle model of unemployment and disability insurance"
Ana de la OPrimavera 2013Yale"Looking Beyond the Incumbent: Exposing Corruption and the E ect on Electoral Outcomes"
Kristof MadaraszPrimavera 2013LSE"Projection Equilibrium: Self-Centered Illusions in Bargaining and Communication"
Federico EcheniquePrimavera 2013 "How to control controlled school choice"
Daniel MartinPrimavera 2013 "A Testable Theory of Imperfect Perception"
Paola Manzinni y Marco MariottiPrimavera 2013 "Stochastic choice and considerations sets"
Andrew CaplinPrimavera 2013NYU"Rational inattention, entropy, and state dependent choice"
Rubén EnikolopovPrimavera 2013NES"Democratization, Division of Responsibilities and Governance Quality: Experimental Evidence on Local Institutions in Afghanistan"
Daniel MejíaPrimavera 2013Los Andes"Illegal drug markets and violence in Mexico: The causes beyond Calderon"
Aaron TornellPrimavera 2013UCLA"The Eurozone and Target2: The Sudden-Stop that Wasn’t"
Tim Van ZandPrimavera 2013INSEAD"Trading Off Flexibility in Health Insurance Choice"
Emel Filiz OzbekPrimavera 2013 "Do Lottery Payments Induce Savings Behavior? Evidence from the Lab"