Seminarios Otoño 2015

Seminarios del CIE - Otoño 2015

Los seminarios se llevan a cabo en la Sala de Seminarios del Campus Santa Teresa a las 12:00hrs.


Agosto 21

(16 hrs, Sala Isoptica A, Sta Teresa)

Soohyung Lee

Maryland U"All or Nothing? The Impact of School and Classroom Gender Composition on Effort and Academic Achievement"

Agosto 28

Daniel Friedman   

UC at Santa Cruz"Emergence of Market Institutions in a Large Virtual Economy"

Septiembre 4

Fuhito Kojima

Stanford University"Stability Concepts in Matching Under Distributional Constraints"

Septiembre 11

Uktu UnverBoston College"Lung Exchange"
 Septiembre 18Marina AgranovCaltech"Collusion through Communication in Auctions"

Septiembre 25

Lei Fang Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

“Expenditure vs. Time Across Households and Across Decades”


Octubre 2

Benjamin Feigenberg

University of Illinois at Chicago"Priced Out: Aggregate Income Shocks and School Pricing in the Chilean Voucher Market"
 Octubre 9

Thibault Fally

UC at Berkeley

"Firm Heterogeneity in Consumption Baskets: Evidence from Home and Store Scanner Data".


Octubre 16

P.J. HealyOhio State University"Epistemic Foundations for the Failure of Nash Equilibrium"

Octubre 23

Attila Ambrus

Duke University"Social Investments, Informal Risk Sharing, and Inequality"

Octubre 30

Szilvia Papai

Concordia University

"Circulation under Responsive Preferences"

Noviembre 6

Collin Raymond

Amherst College

"Group-Shift and the Consensus Effect"


Noviembre 10

(17hrs, Sala Isoptica A, Sta Teresa)

Sanjeev Goyal "Networks, Markets and Inequality"

Noviembre 20

Daniel Yi Xu

Duke University"Two Sided Search and International Buyer-Seller Matches" 

Noviembre 27



Diciembre 4

Rahul DebUniversity of Toronto"Optimal Adaptive Testing: Informativeness and Incentives"